TTIFiber Achieve Success at ECOC 2023

October 13, 2023

Latest company news about TTIFiber Achieve Success at ECOC 2023

ECOC 2023, the leading international conference on optical communication, was held in England in October.

latest company news about TTIFiber Achieve Success at ECOC 2023  0

At the ECOC 2023 exhibition, TTIFiber showcased a variety of fiber optic products, including fiber optic cables, fiber optic patch cords, fiber optic splitters, fiber optic distribution frames, FTTx products, as well as professional fiber optic cabling solutions and one-stop OEM and ODM services. As a result, TTIFiber attracted a lot of attention and interest from many industry insiders and users.


In addition, TTIFiber also strengthened its cooperation with domestic and foreign partners at the ECOC 2023 exhibition, promoting the application and development of fiber optic communication technology in more fields.


Overall, TTIFiber achieved great success at the ECOC 2023 exhibition. Its products and technologies were highly recognized by the industry and users, and its cooperation with partners was further strengthened. We believe that TTIFiber will continue to make more contributions to the development of the global fiber optic communication industry in the future.